Saturday, September 20, 2014


Last October, I took part in Nester's 31-day writing challenge. I am so thankful that I did, even though it about pushed me over the edge at times.  I wrote about and photographed 31 things at the Little Cabin on the Trail that make me smile.  Apparently, they made a lot of other people smile, too! 

I only wish that after the 31 days, the habit of blogging daily had stuck.  Instead, I think it did me in for the whole year.  Well, that's okay.  I am committing  to do it again.  

There I wrote it, and I've said it at least a dozen times.  I will not back down now, because that is just how I am.  I will finish those 31 days or die trying.  

I don't know about you, but accountability and deadline are what I need to complete most projects.  

I took the past year off from working outside the home to write a book--maybe that is why I did not blog much.  And I have worked on it on and off--at the Little Cabin on the Trail.  Mostly off.  And the reason?  Because I was not given or did not set a hard deadline.   I had an idea in my head and a loose commitment to a year, but other things kept pulling me away from writing--and I let them.  Why?  Because writing a book is hard.  

I am so very relieved and happy to say that I am--thank the good Lord--very, very close to finishing my book, which has totally changed my outlook.  I now have something concrete to believe in instead of just a dream. The words are actually there for me to see.  And that has now--just now--given me the confidence to start speaking about it publicly.

I wrote about my call to write on my blog on January 5, 2013:  

On June 19, just 15 days before the accident, God confirmed that I had a book to write.  I listed what He told me not to do:

1.Research to see if it has been done before
2. Ask anyone's opinion
3. Give up before starting
4. Let somebody else's dream take precedence

And then I immediately received what I called the C's.  I think it is odd and sometimes corny when speakers/pastors speak from outlines where all the topics start with the same letter.  Well, that's what I got.

1. Call
2. Confirmation
3. Courage
4. Completion
I heard the Call loud and clear.  Then came the Confirmation through several people.  I assumed Courage was what it would take to act on the call, but I had no idea just how much courage it would take after the accident.  (When Kelly and Travis chose "Courageous" by Casing Crowns as one of the songs for the funeral, I just sobbed.)  

I felt strongly that there were five C's, so I just left number five blank.  It seemed weird, but so did the whole "C" thing.  And then in September, God gave me the last one: Confidence.

1. Call
2. Confirmation
3. Courage
4. Completion
5. Confidence

At the time, I thought that Confidence should have come before Completion, but I get it now.  Writing that book required me to plead with God for every single page--I could not rely on myself one bit.  And that is why I  could not talk  much about my book before now. I wanted to believe that the words would come, but I had to wait until they did.  I knew that I could never accomplish this task, and I did not want to accomplish this task, if the Lord was not directing my pen.

Many times along the way, I felt kind of silly when people asked me what my plans are for my book.  Mostly, I just answered, "I don't know."  I still do not know.  I am taking one step at a time--waiting on God's direction.  

Almost immediately upon posting that my book was near completion, I believe the Lord gave me the idea for the 31 words, 31 memories challenge.  I posted it on Facebook, hoping for 10 friends to join me.  Within minutes, I had 6.  Two days later, I have 30.  People think they are just taking part in a fun memory project, but they are part of God's confirmation to me that my book is worthy.  

I think that this project is the next step.  

So in ten days, I will start the Nester's writing challenge, and my friends will join me in the 31 words memory project.   

I can't wait to see what God does through it.  I am pretty sure that it will be the subject of my very last chapter.

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