Tuesday, October 21, 2014


a form of play or sport, especially a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck

I come from a long line of gamblers card players and have spent a lot of time sharing my love of card playing with my children and grandchildren.  I like other games, too, just not as much.

My grandmother taught me several games, but we mostly played 31 (also called Scat or Blitz according to an Internet search) or Gin Rummy.  In the summer after dinner, we would gather up our pennies, three each, and head to the porch swing.  Actually, I would head to the porch and patiently wait until my grandmother would finish saying her evening prayers, which also included saying her rosary--which from my point of view took forever.  

We would play and swing and wait for the ice cream truck.  All the neighbors would also be out on their front porches because that is what community looked like in the olden days. 

To this day, summer break at my house is ushered in when we clear the dining room table to make room for card and domino playing--which sometimes lasts way into the night.  Our favorite card games are Phase 10 and 500 Rummy.  

I will forever remember Nate perfecting his shuffle the month before the accident and the elaborate design he made with his dominos when he never picked up a tile that enabled him to start his train.  He just made his own fun instead of getting aggravated.  As silly as it sounds, those are two of my favorite memories.

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Sonya Tichenor said...

Playing cards is also one of my earliest game memories at my grandparents' house (dad's side). One of the rooms had a poker table always set up and ready to go. When all the men were together, this became a smoke-filled, bourbon-drinking room of gambling. I don't know if real money was involved, but there was lots of laughter, possibly due to all the drinking. There were always plenty of card decks floating around, and I remember building many, many card houses, but also playing WAR with my dad or one of the cousins. I learned to play solitaire at an early age, and I'm pretty sure this is also where I learned to play gin rummy.

Sabrina Starnes said...

For many years, we didn't have any kind of tv in our home. We were that strange homeschool family that decided we didn't need any influence of the "world" in our lives. :) So, many nights were spent around the dining room table playing cards, dominoes, or board games. The first memory that came to mind about this word was THAT one time we played "Sorry" as a family. It's referenced often in jest now, but it was no laughing matter the night it happened. We are all four very competitive and the game was almost over when my dad wiped out all my mom's game pieces in one swoop. For sure there was some trash talk involved and she got so angry, she flipped the game board over, across the room. "Sorry" pieces went flying everywhere..........Needless to say we didn't play "Sorry" again for a very long time.

Audra Picarello said...

Ahhh - memories of Scrabble games (and how good my grandmother is at it!!), competitive Rook tournaments (yelling/laughing matches ;) ), playing electronic Hangman on car trips.