Wednesday, November 19, 2014


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I love gift giving, but I hate gift choosing--especially for the adults and older children.  I have endless ideas for the eight and under crowd.  Oh, why can't they just stay little forever?

After 37 years of mothering and and 15 years of grand mothering, I have given just about every kind of gift possible. There remains, however, a few favorites for the kiddos that I would consider timeless and have purchased several times--and will probably purchase again when the next round of grandchildren arrive.  I guess you could call them my standbys.

TOP PICK:  Lyra Ferby Pencils.  We replaced crayons way back when Tessa was a toddler, and have not had any in the house since.  Once you the child in your life uses these to draw and color with, you will understand why.  The pigment is so dark.  The leads never fall out.  And they do not roll off the table because they are triangular.  There is also a lengthener available so that you can use the pencil right down to the very bottom.  We actually have some that are only about an inch long and would never, ever think of discarding.  

ANOTHER FAVORITE:  Ed Emberley's FunPrint Drawing Book.  Oh, the endless fun a child can have with his/her fingerprints.  Oh, the endless fun a grandmother can have with her fingerprints.  

AND YET ANOTHER FAVORITE:  Wooden Blocks.  We bought our family set years ago at a curriculum fair.  They were a bit expensive, but worth every penny.  The proof is that twenty years later, they still get played with every time we go to the cabin.

Add to those gifts a large cardboard box and a 25-cent bouncy ball from Old Navy, and you will have one happy kid! I promise.

MY FINAL ADVICE:  Only buy things that twenty years from now, your children and grandchildren have a chance of remembering so fondly that they will want to buy the same things for their children and grandchildren.  That pretty much eliminates 90% of the plastic stuff you see advertised on television.  

And if you decide on the FunPrint book, you might consider this one, too.  Classic.

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