Sunday, November 16, 2014


It really is the best holiday.  What's not to love about a day that focuses on family, food, and gratitude?  Even the colors of the season communicate warmth and love.
This dough bowl was an impulse buy that has left me dealing with some serious guilt.  I am the bargain-hunter type, so when I make any purchase over $100, I usually feel sick to my stomach--for a while.  The only way I could recover from this purchase was to make sure that I found a way to decorate with it each season--I mean really decorate with it.     Then, and only then, could I begin to justify the purchase.  This fall is season three, so I think that I am just about over it.

The mantle got a bit of a makeover, too.  Here's the before fall.

And here is the after.
I love how the nature prints lend themselves to each season, and I have no regrets about painting the mantle.  

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