Tuesday, September 30, 2014


a vehicle with two wheels in tandem, usually propelled by pedals connected to the rear wheel by a chain, and having handlebars for steering and a saddle-like seat

My brother Mike is two years older than me, and my sister Pat is one year younger, all born in April--the month of my parents' wedding anniversary--which has absolutely nothing to do with my topic, however interesting that tidbit is.  When children are born that closely together, there tends to be a lot of lumping.  You know--lumped together for birthday parties, privileges, and sometimes even, punishments.  

Sunday, September 21, 2014


The Challenge  

Each day, I will post on Facebook just one word, and the participant will recall a childhood memory that it evokes.  Because this project is more about awakening the memories than it is about writing, a participant has a few options about how to engage with the group.

The Options   

Facebook Only:  At the bare minimum, the participant should post a sentence or two or even twenty under the word on Facebook about his or her memory.   The Facebook page is private and will remain so.  Facebook participants have the option of including their writing and the project on their personal FB pages or blogs.

Participants are not required to share the memory, but I sure hope that they do!  Posting feelings about the memory is acceptable, also.

Facebook and Blog:  I will be posting my writing here on my blog each day.  If a participant is willing, I'd be thrilled if his or her memory could be added to the comments section on mine each day.  This can just be copied and pasted from FB.  I will include information pointing people to the comments section each day.  

The good thing about posting it on my blog is that since it is  a public forum, friends and family can follow the project if they want to.  I will be posting a link on my FB page each day which can be shared on the participants' pages.

I do hope to use some of these memories in the last chapter of my book.  If everyone completes the challenge, there will be over 900 memories shared.  That just makes me happy, happy, happy!

As a test, participants are asked to comment on this post.

I am participating in the Nester's 31 Days.  Check it out!

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Last October, I took part in Nester's 31-day writing challenge. I am so thankful that I did, even though it about pushed me over the edge at times.  I wrote about and photographed 31 things at the Little Cabin on the Trail that make me smile.  Apparently, they made a lot of other people smile, too! 

I only wish that after the 31 days, the habit of blogging daily had stuck.  Instead, I think it did me in for the whole year.  Well, that's okay.  I am committing  to do it again.  

There I wrote it, and I've said it at least a dozen times.  I will not back down now, because that is just how I am.  I will finish those 31 days or die trying.  

I don't know about you, but accountability and deadline are what I need to complete most projects.