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Well, that would be a YES!  I don't have a long list of ailments that have been cured, but I do have my reasons for continuing my oil journey which I will include below.

I thought I'd link a few products that have made my oils last longer or my use of the products more enjoyable!

I save the bottles when emptied and fill them with either sweet almond oil or fractionated coconut oil along with ten or twelve drops of whatever oil used to live in the bottle. Then I top off with a rollerball. The scent remains very strong, and I have the freedom--without worrying about the budget--to apply liberally.  The oils are of such high quality, that even diluted, they are powerful!  Rollerballs that fit the oil bottles  can be purchased through Young Living.  If you don't have empty bottles yet or want to make your own concoctions, you can purchase rollerball bottles from Amazon.

Both oils and the bottles are linked below.  And again I will include a link for the best-ever cleaning cloths because pairing them with the Thieves cleaner has made them more wonderful to me!

To sign up to purchase Young Living essential oils wholesale as a distributor, click here or shoot me an email,  As always, anyone signing up through me gets the Essential Oil Pocket Reference Guide for FREE!

So now for my reasons for LOVING essential oils:

1. Smell:  I am totally a smell person. While others are shopping the sale racks at TJ Maxx, I'm sniffing the marked down candles and reed diffusers.  Seriously.  That's the way I am at perfume counters, too. And laundry detergent aisles. Good smells just make me happy.  Come to find out that there are scientific studies that explain this kind of stuff that I have absolutely no intention of citing here.  Who cares?  If something makes me happy, happy, happy, then I'm a believer. I really had no idea how good essential oils could smell in a diffuser--and how good they are for me--and everybody around me.  

I was willing to overlook all the chemicals in my candles and plug-ins before, but not anymore.  I love, love, love the scents and the therapeutic value smelling the oils adds to my everyday life.  Yes, I am happy--all the time--or at least when I am diffusing--which is almost all the time.  Favorites to diffuse (or apply for the scent):  Peace and Calming, Citrus Fresh, Lavender, Joy

2. Healing:  I have always been into alternative treatments for everyday illnesses for many reasons, not the least is that I hate spending money on medicine and for the opinions of healthcare providers that may or may not work and that always come with a long list of side effects and/or disclosures.  Hence where the term "practicing medicine" comes from.  I also have great faith in our bodies to heal themselves with a little help from natural products, and am more than willing to allow the practicing to take place on someone else.

My family is usually pretty healthy--which is a huge blessing!  I have stocked up on herbs and products with expiration dates in the past that have ended up in the garbage because we never had a reason to use them.  I like that the oils do not expire, so I can have products ready "in case" we get hit with something.  And since the oils can be diffused or used to treat so many things, I doubt the bottles will be hanging around forever!

Favorites to have on hand in case of illness:  Thieves, Oregano, Lavender, Lemon, Purification

3. Pain Management:  I suffer with chronic back pain from a car accident years ago. While I always hope and pray for an instant miracle, I am also realistic.  Oils are not going to set a broken bone or "cure" a chronic illness overnight.  What I have experienced is that applying certain oils two or more times a day has helped to minimize the discomfort in my lower back.  

Favorites for pain:  Deep Relief, Copaiba, Lemongrass, Cedarwood, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Valor, Pan-away

4. Cleaning:  I am totally hooked on Thieves Cleaner.  That stuff really works and is probably the most cost-effective cleaning supply ever.  I am obsessed with spraying down my countertops because I just want to smell the stuff--what a big surprise!  I have successfully used it on floors, furniture, windows and upholstery as well!  Love it!

Favorites to add to water:  Lime, Grapefruit, Slique Essence

Favorite supplement:  Ningxia Red

Since I have only been at this for three months, I expect the list to continue to grow and change!

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