Friday, February 05, 2016


I've written a book and it is now available on Amazon.
You can read more about it here


Trudy said...

Dearest Denise,

I wish I looked at your blogs more often because then I would have bought "Little Cabin on the Trail" sooner! It was all I could have hoped for - remember way back when - I often said you should write a book? Well, reading "Little Cabin" brought back a flood of memories of when we were neighbors and You,Michael, Kelly, Mike and Ryan were our surrogate kids and grandkids and made our life so much richer because you were there beside us. I remember how much Lane enjoyed his little talks with Michael about all his building projects at your house, and how you made my life so much more interesting with all your creative projects. Sitting on your front porch discussing life, politics,religion, and even when we didn't agree on a topic we still remained such good friends.

I will never forget those years - especially those visits I would get from Ryan - just to sit and chat with me until it was time for me to give him his reward for sitting there with me - a little piece or two of candy! Such a sweetheart - I always thought you were the perfect family, and how well you cared for all the foster children you helped along the way. Again ... Such good memories.

Thanks again for writing your book, Denise, you are so talented and get more so all the time! Love from me to all the family ... Trudy

Love, Trudy

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