Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I had this brilliant idea: I'd invite a professional art teacher, an artsy-crafty daughter, and a friend with an incredible sense of humor to an afternoon of creating. There was only one condition: Everyone was going to make paper birds--because that is what I wanted to make because $39 is way too much to pay for those darling little things I saw on Etsy. And since it was my house and my supplies and someone else's idea that I stole, I got to make that big decision. I did have a bit of an ulterior motive inviting the art teacher. Although the project did not look too difficult to me, I figured getting the pattern down accurately and quickly would not be too hard for her--the professional. If you're going to steal someone's idea, might as well do it up as good as you can, right? As it turned out, it was not as easy--for the professional--as it looked. Go figure! Seems she is an artist, not a seamstress. I didn't know that!

There were actually a few moments there when I felt like the day was going to be a total bust. Time was of the essence and Art Teacher's first attempt looked a lot like--not sure what it looked like--maybe a Valentine's Day craft. Yep, that's what it looked like. We laughed. It felt good--but I wanted a bird! It was then that I decided that anything I came up would at least be in the running with the love bird. I snipped and clipped and believe me, what happened next was nothing short of a miracle. A bird was definitely hatched.

Art Teacher thought it was a little too fat. Hey, at least it looked like a bird. So I pulled in its gut and made attempt number two. Comedienne thought it too skinny. I had to agree. But it also looked like a bird. It didn't take long for Artsy-Crafty to abandon ship and run home--to her side of the house--for fabric--much easier to work with. Of course, that was always an option--once we perfected the paper birds. Artsy-Crafty said that she always knew that those paper birds would be much more difficult to make than they looked. She said that probably everybody who ever bought one for $39 tried to make one first. Then she said that they were probably worth every penny of the $39. Phooey on her.

Right after Artsy-Crafty chose fabric instead of paper, Art Teacher decided to make something like paper snowflakes for her eleven family members instead of paper birds. Phooey on her too.

Comedienne will be invited back again because all she did was laugh and repeat numerous times that she was having a blast, birds or no birds. Love that girl.

After they all left, I made yet another pattern. It is now the right size, and I am very happy. I may end up making a whole flock of these. And I have already shared my pattern--free of charge--with two other friends who coveted my little paper birds.


Art Teacher


Fatso, Skinny-minny, and Perfect
You may notice that Perfect sports our
hometown on his tail!

Artsy-Crafty's fabric version,


edie said...

I don't care whatcha say.....they are darling and I'm so bummed I couldn't be there. Wonder what nickname I would have earned?

Denise said...

No telling. Perhaps you would have saved the day with the perfect pattern, being the over-achiever that you are! Wonder Woman would probably fit! *wink*

Debbie G. said...

I think all of the birds are cute!!
Sounds like you all had a blast and you are as crafty and creative as ever. I would have liked to get in on all the fun, but since I am still way down in sunny Florida the best I can do is enjoy reading your blog and seeing the pics.

Angie said...

I love the pattern! I tried to download the PDF, but it said it wasn't available. Do you still have it and could I have a copy please?

If not, then do you have a resource?

Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

diamond in the rough said...

Agree to Angie, cannot get the pattern and would REALLY like to compliment my cupboards with cute li'l birds!

cherlyn said...

I love your birds. I was looking for a pattern to make some birds for my first grandchild. His first word after daddy and mama was bird.He had his lst birthday yesterday. If the pattern is still available I would like to have it even if I have to purchse.You know how special those grandchildren are.

Jodi said...

Hello, I think these birds are So cute!! I would love to make some for my mother-in-law but I cannot seem to access the pattern. Do you still have it available? Are you still willing to share it? I am fooling around with making my own pattern but so far they just are not as cute as yours.