Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I am more than a little late at joining Edie's at Life in Grace Painted Patio Furniture Party. She said it was okay. Really she did. She knows what it is like to work outside the home and inside the home and keep up with numerous creative hobbies and numerous family members while reading and blogging and thrift shopping and trying new recipes and even trying to squeeze in some vacation time. That's why she let me come late to the party. I know that it means that most of the visitors have moved on, but that's okay. I gave my word and if nothing else I am a keeper of my word. I also know that my redo pales in comparison to the others, but it makes me smile and feel satisfied, and I'm sure I wouldn't have accomplished it if Edie didn't make the challenge--or send the invitation. So, Edie, won't you come and sit on my porch one evening. I'll serve up some chai tea and take your picture. And please wear something colorful!

Before and After
what a sad looking couple
they remind me of some folks I know

The pillows were Goodwill ugly covered in Ikea pretty.

Honestly, the pillows are a little small for the project, but I used what I had. When I find some *bigger deals* at the GW Boutique, I will replace them. The little ones will look lovely on Tessa's bed since they match her curtains.


jenjen said...

What a cute chair. And it looks so amazing with the new paint. I had some of those chairs at my last house but sold them at a garage sale before I moved. I could just kick myself now!


edie said...

Oh they're just darling Denise! And of course I will come sit in them and drink chai tea, I have many things to 'pick' your brain about and can't wait to tell you what I've been reading! It's never too late to join the party, dear.

Ms. Edie

Sandy Toes said...

Looking beautiful.
sandy toe

Tee said...

I took a peek at some old posts. Your whole house is adorable!

sara's art house said...

I love the chair remodel!!!! So cute and chic looking.

Your blog is just so fun to read! I quickly skimmed over the post about losing the tummy fat and am very intrigued!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE olives and chocolate and nuts. I am going to read on and try it :)