Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Donna, over at Funky Junk, has once again inspired me to post something about junk.  This time it is about junk in the garden.  Unfortunately, she couldn't have ask for links next week after the spring plantings.  She wanted junk, so I'm going to give her junk--weeds and all.
I have a little garden by my back porch which is where most enter my home.  I have quite a few interesting pieces that mix well with the perennials and annuals each year.
march 2010 027
Three of these concrete whatevers were found under a porch when we moved in.  I knew that even broken, they would add interest in the gardens.
march 2010 028
This old sink came from my mother's house in Ohio.  It looks a lot better when the annuals are planted.  Really.  I can hardly imagine it.  Now it is sporting a maple tree.  How unusual.  *grin*
march 2010 029
This climbing hydrangea is out of control already, and it's just April.  My concrete things may be totally covered up this year.
march 2010 031

And not to be out done, I have a furry friend who is going to have to find a new bed when the flowers get planted. 


martinealison said...

I like the photo with the cat. Very nice idea!

Kolein said...

lucky you to have weeds already..the snow just melted here...I call this time of the year Ugly Time. I like the glass dad used to come home with those. He worked on telephone poles. Is there any relation to that???

The kitty is precious. I CAN imagine your garden: Gorgeous!! cap G!

You got family in OHIO? That's just a hop skip and jump from me...if you ever, you know, wanna come for a visit. Keep in mind we live in a teeny ranch house with not much flair 'cept for the people who dwell there! heee!

Linda said...

Good Junk! Love the cat in the planter...they will find the most interesting places to sleep.

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Nice. Tree. In. The. Nice. Sink. I'd really like to see that area in full bloom. Like way later. :)

Cool junk!


Patina Marie said...

Thanks for sharing....Even without blooms, you're SEASONS ahead of my non-existent yard. Fortunately, though, we have natural foliage - weeds, trees, weeds, trees, weeds....

Laurie said...

Love the tree in the sink idea, LOL think I may just one or two of those around!

Also saw your sunsails wonderful idea! great use of the hammock!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

I love your junk in the garden. I have never heard of a climbing hydrangea, but I love hydrangeas. I am going to have to check that out. Jackie

B Lines said...


I love junk in the garden. :)

And I love your blog, so I gave you an award. If you want to see, you can find it on my last blog post.


Mimi said...

If it belongs to you and you love it, it is never junk but a treasure!!!!I love it all!!!!
SO nice and green back there!!!

Anonymous said...

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