Sunday, March 16, 2014


So, this may go down in history as the longest and most stressful redecorating project that I have ever attempted.  I wish I knew why.  I just could not make up my mind and kept second guessing every decision.  There are still a few things to do, but the worst is definitely over.  I could not be happier, and I love walking down the stairs in the morning and seeing the wall of nature prints by the artist, Maryjo Koch. 


nature vignette

As much as it pained me, I actually cut the pages from three different books by Maryjo Koch in order to achieve a very cohesive, symmetrical display.  The leaded glass doors  were from my mother's house in Ohio and have been out in the shed begging to come in for some time now.

All of the frames were purchased at Hobby Lobby. The curtains are from Ikea, and this is the fourth go-around with them.  You may remember seeing them in the camper.  You can read about the fireplace makeover here.



I bought this incredible light fixture at Bliss in Market Square in Knoxville just a few days ago.  I usually only get to shop for inspiration there, but this was actually surprisingly affordable!
The crocheted chain pull was also something I brought home from my mother's collection of junk good stuff.  It's just another little "happy" in my kitchen.
The faux brick wall was a fun project that I will write about in detail in my next post.  It is hard to see the effect here.  It is subtle, but I love the texture it adds to the room.



Kolein said...

Oh yeah! You rock that wall. LOVE it so very much! It was worth the wait. Albeit, you got a mental, physical and emotional workout during the process while we get to enjoy the view.

You've inspired me.
I've got a wall here somewhere. ;)

Marissa Hess said...

It looks incredible! Well done!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Absolutely stunning! Ohhhh that WALL! Just beautiful, Denise!

Denise Voccola said...

Thanks so much, Kolein and Donna. It is nice to *see* you both again. It seems like old times--if just for a moment! Love you both!

The Nester said...

Denise! I LOOOOOVE your kitchen, it's so beautiful, you did good!

Denise Voccola said...

Wow! Compliments from two of my favorite decorating bloggers! Nester and Donna, you both have made me smile today. Somedays I need that, and I thank you for taking the time to encourage me and my efforts to make my home my happy place! Much love to both of you.

Mommy Mac said...

Alright, mighty one. I am JUST now getting the opportunity to catch up on YOU! You have a mathematical mind. Precision speaks to you in fashionable ways, yes? I am very intrigued and quite enamored with your grounded yet wishful flair. Love your soothing palette too!

I see A LOT of hard work. I see A LOT of planning too.

Cheers to a wonderful job well done!

It's all things tricky & vulnerable to give yourself to decor. It's almost like running through the house naked! HA!

Enjoy your new space!

.mac :)